TPV Timeline

Below is a timeline constructed by myself and members at Sanctum Zone.  It is by no means complete and could use further citation (proves difficult as heavy censorship has taken place by those involved at TPV) but all of this information is available in the public domain and I have merely condensed the bits I’ve found relevant.   Its purpose really is to outline the goings on as the public understand it so that anyone looking for the information can be given a brief synopsis and analyse what actually happened to the TPV project.  There are one or two pieces of information that haven’t been verified and this is made very clear.  They have been left in place as the person who gave this information claims to have worked at TPV and seems to have had prior knowledge of incidents that were later verified. This timeline is intended only as a rough guide and certain cases the dates are a sensible approximation, anything listed towards the end of the month happened towards the end, anything towards the beginning happened towards the beginning and so on.

For my take on the events that follow, see here:

May 2013

  • TPV originally intended to be a radio station

  • TPV announced, a free to air TV and radio station
  • TPV created as a Ltd company with 2 directors, Sean Adl-Tabatabai and David Icke (Not public knowledge)
  • Fundraiser declined by Kickstarter (Not yet public knowledge)

June 2013

  •  Indigogo campaign started with initial goal of £100,000 for a free to air tv and radio station that will challenge the MSM with live coverage from around the world. A nonprofit/not-for-profit organisation that was to have reporters in press conferences asking the questions MSM won’t ask. A completely open and transparent media entity.



  • First email for donations sent, including a link for private donations

  • TPV Trip to the USA
  • Perk packages available list TPV’s clothing is to be produced by Fear & Clothing
  • TPV claim via Facebook that if £200,000 is reached they will invest in two outside broadcasting units:

  • Indigogo campaign raised £300,692  

July 2013  

  • Open day held to garner volunteers open93

August 2013  

  • David Icke appears on Planet X regarding TPV

There will be no shareholders

Matt Smith appointed as senior producer and a presenter in the US:

Wembley Point was cheap and they have it for at least a year.

Luke Rudowski of We Are Change is going to be running the New York office.

  September 2013  

  • Matt Smith arrives in the UK with his partner (later joined by his father) and they build the banned studio which originally was going to be the LA office until January until they returned home.  A flat in Islington was rented but that was given to Deanna Amato after David Icke decided Matt & Co were “infiltrators” and sent them home (some time before september 26th as Matt’s twitter post him running in LA on this date).


  • Deanna Amato (TPV management) tells Ian Kelly that TPV’s office rent is £2500 per month

    October 2013  

  • Earthlingbb has left TPV and informed OFCOM that TPV are operating without a license (Not yet public knowledge)
  • Icke steps down as director (Not yet public knowledge)
  • TPV’s OFCOM License has been applied for

  • Ian Kelly leaves TPV

  November 2013  

  • It becomes public knowledge that TPV require an OFCOM license.
  • Fear & Clothing loses TPV contract and his designs are reproduced by another company. TPV fail to inform their donators that the clothing would be reproduced by another company. (Not yet public knowledge)
  • TPVs first broadcast


  • TPV interview with Icke and Adl-Tabatabai, Adl-Tabatabai claims they went to Kickstater first


  • Talk of Icke resigning as director begins to surface…tml?start=180#156760

  • Earthlingbb blogs of his experiences at TPV
  • TPV OFCOM License issued

    December 2013  

  • TPV begins to make further requests for donations
  • More of TPV’s hiccups are broadcast

  January 2014  

  • At least one regular guest on TPV is proven to be a fake…ml?start=1480#166683

  • TPV pass off a power cut in the area as hacking attack
  • More hacking allegations made from TPV
  • Sonia Poulton leaves citing misappropriation of funds
  • TPV puts out FB statement later confirmed to come from Icke:

  • Barrie Sharpe (TPV presenter) sacked for accidentally calling Icke an idiot

  • David Icke returns to the Isle of White citing ill health (Not yet public knowledge)
  • Richie Allen and a later TPV statement claims the indigogo money has been stolen as part of their paypal hack, and their youtube content has been removed

  • Second fundraiser for £400,000 launched

  • Sonia Poulton releases a video in response to David Icke and her TPV departure, in her statement she claims people at TPV know something isn’t right

  • Icke responds to Poulton statement

  • An unverified accounts statement is released not including other sources of income such as advertising, monthly donations or bitcoin, later to be confirmed to have been prepared by Head of Production Liz Roberts

 Department                                       Bank                Float
I.T./Editing equipment                         £5,012.41         £781.47
Website (Servers, bandwidth, set-up)   £15,150.00        –
Repairs/Maintenance                          £226.61            –
Travel – Volunteer                               £2,069.25         £1,384.79
Travel – Other (Guests and Staff)          £2,255.03         £142.11
Accommodation Hotels & Hostels        £2,440.14         –
Food & Catering                                 £589.09            £211.54
Studio Maintenance                            £1,055.93         –
Office Rent                                         £1,200.00         –
Music Licences                                  £1,456.80         –
Merchandise                                      £700.00            –
General Office Overheads                    £2,590.34         £228.91
Utilities (Water, gas, electric)               £1,407.97
Direct Wages                                      £75,530.54
Video Streaming                                  £18,109.63
Accounting/Book-keeping                     £1,957.50
Set-Up Costs (Studio equipment)          £142,302.64     £365.98
Total:   £274,053.88     £3,114.80

  • Elissa Hawke (TPV presenter) returns to OZ
  • More hacking allegations released from TPV
  • It becomes wider knowledge that a potential racial incident has taken place involving Deanna Amato and a volunteer (who was on the recieving end) named Sophie
  • Concerns are starting to be raised that perk items from first campaign not yet honored
  • Gareth Icke brings TPV’s professional reputation into further question

Jesus wept. There are some right proper mongs out there. Most of them so called ‘truthers’. Get more sense out my bellend.

  • TPV’s first advertisements begin to air
  • TPV downfall parody released

  • Sanctum Zone become aware that David Icke is Dierctor/Shareholder

  • Sonia Poulton post on her Facebook that most people at TPV are paid about £100 a day.

  • TPV release video statement claiming recent hacking attacks were an inside job

  • It becomes apparent that TPV’s video’s did not get removed during the hack.  The most likely explanation is that due to the large number of negative comments the videos were marked as private, comments sanitized, and then relisted

  • Jamie Icke is taken on at TPV
  • Sharon Gifford speaks out on Sanctum Zone and asserts that she thinks Ellissa Hawke will be the patsy and there is a smoking cupboard in TPV
  • TPV send out email asking for donations

  • Sonia Poulton announces that she will be starting own media platform
  • Edwina Currie gets the better of Richie Allen live on TPV, Richie fails to ask the difficult questions

  • David Icke claims Sean Adl-Tabatabai has had too take on second job
  • Knowledge of Icke stepping down becomes public, his response is that he needed to to get an OFCOM license. (Ofcom guidelines:
  • TPV is briefly off air again due to an internet outage in the area
  • PolPotNoodle creates post on David Icke’s forum suggesting there are infiltrators in TPV but fails to say who they are
  • Sonia Poulton claims to be hacked
  • Icke releases article addressing Lee Ryan, Sharon Gifford and cocaine use allegations:

  • Gifford states “They freaked when I threatened to let their advertisers know what was going on”

  • Chris Spivey claims to have been hacked
  • Someone claiming to be TPV threaten Sharon Gifford with legal action
  • Sean Adl-Tabatabai creates post on Icke’s forum threatening action against Gifford (and by association Poulton) and Ryan, claiming them infiltrators and abusers.
  • It comes to light the Adl-Tabatabai has a previously disolved media company named Magnus Media.
  • Concerns are starting to be addressed that volunteers are being ignored, problems with scheduling and more


  • Earthling blogs about Peter Tatchell being invited to TPV
  • More questions being asked as donation perks still not supplied from first fundraiser.
  • More TPV downtime
  • Sharon Gifford emails TPV advertisers informing them of apparent goings on at TPV:

  • Ian Kelly claims cost of equipment from Teddington was £20,000 after being knocked down from £30,000

  • Ian Kelly claims studio was obtained from about 1st September

  • Facebook user are beginning to ask questions of TPV and their transparency
  • Ian Kelly confirms seeing a £10,000 cheque donation made outside of Indigogo, when asking David about it, he was ignored

  • Yet more TPV downtime

  • Proof surfaces that TPV runs on Ubuntu:

  • Email correspondence published between Kelly & Icke, Kelly asserting that Icke had been told of financial allegations and Icke asking for reference.  It is clear that David Icke is become frustrated

  • Sanctum Zone becomes aware that MSM operate out of Wembley Point:

  • Topcat claims that Liz Roberts alluded to TPV being in debt

  • TPV post this on Facebook: Our emails are being intercepted. In the meantime please use: Confirmed by Icke and they are bringing in the Metro Cyber Crime Unit

  • TPV down again
  • TPV release a statement of transparency stating no dividends will be taken, quarterly accounts published, full accounts published and yearly stakeholders meetings


February 2014


  • Fundraiser finishes with a total of £103,163
  • TPV perk shirts start arriving and it becomes known that Gilden Activeware (who have a history of human rights abuse cases) produced them

  • Jana Dowling writes article for the Daily Mail

  • TPV’s website is updated and uses the same theme as The Horticultural Channel, who feature on TPV
  • SanctumZone is made aware of a Q&A transcript with Icke. Pertinent info being it costs £50,000 to remain afloat and £100,000 per month to do what they would like and Icke is disappointed with those celebrities that haven’t endorsed him!bmVylk

  • Unsubstantiated: Icke loaned £20,000 in February to pay wages.

  • Sanctum Zone are made aware of Calland (who is redkarma2 on Icke’s forum?) and Jamie Icke comprise the advertising team

  • A TPV live feed frame is placed on to artificially bloat TPV’s viewing figures

  • Volcania Coffee begins to surface as there’s talk that they’re sponsoring TPV.

  • TPV is hacked again

  • Sanctum Zone become aware of Ickonic Ads:

  • 28th Feb Live broadcasting at TPV ceases and plans for a third fundraiser are imminent

  • David Icke returns to The Isle of White


March 2014


  • Another TPV video released awaiting new fundraiser

  • TPV disable comments on the video due to negativity being raised
  • Email is sent apologising for delay in Q&A, asking for questions so a video can be made, though the perk should have been a live Q&A


  • Perk video released perk123

 David Icke is no longer a director not director

The accounts will produce TPV’s books

David essentially dodges the questions a) when will accounts be released (that were promised) and b) What assurances do we have that the money has been well spent.

TPV couldn’t get enough advertisers so did another indigo-go fundraiser

Mark Windows show had to stop due to lack of funding as a great chunk of TPV’s income had to go to pay full time staff



  • Another fundraiser launched with initial goal of £250,000

  • TPV release another video

  • TPV state they’re getting 1,600,000 viewers a month, but fail to mention their viewing figures were artificially inflated

  • Viewers seem to be more in the region of 140 at any one time

  • Video is released trying to get in to Westgate media which will broadcast on satellite but not in the UK at significantly reduced cost.  Richie Allen, claims TPV has had 6 million views

  • It comes to light that Westgate Media is in administration

  • Fundraiser claims to restore live news programming, though they never actually had live news programming
  • People are becoming increasingly annoyed with TPV

  • Sanctum Zone learns Adl-Tabatabai is getting wed

  • Adl-Tabatabai gets wed, no Icke’s are in attendance

  • Adl-Tabatabai appears on the one show regarding his marriage

  • Elissa Hawke confirms she was initially ignored by TPV, and was pulled from being live, as management were afraid of what she would say as well as alluding to evil people at TPV.

(15:15 30:00)

  • Most remaining staff are let go from TPV (Not yet public knowledge)



April 2014

  •  Fundraising target is dropped to £50,000, £14,000+/- had been raised so far

  • Santum Zone raising concerns as to what people will get for their £50,000 and if its been communicated and suspicions arise that Adl-Tabatabai going to do a runner
  • Richie Allen states he’s taking over TPV’s facebook for a couple of hours to answer some questions

  • Elissa Hawke releases statement suggesting she was set up as the mole as she expressed solidarity with Sonia Poulton:

  • TPV claim more shows being produced

  • TPV Announce return of the Richie Allen show:

  • Video released saying TPV relaunching in a new format

  • Richie Allen asserts that Adl-Tabatabai hasn’t taken a honeymoon and is working round the clock to keep them on air: David Icke is still very much involved with TPV

  • TPV trip up over their own censorship and confirm they can still change premises for £50,000

  • TPV completely sanitize their own Q&A, removing difficult questions and negative comments

  • David Icke fails to turn up and support Keith Allen in return of Keith Allen’s promotion

  • TPV assert that the initial campaign money was spent on equipment, setup, and streaming and it costs £50,000 per month to run.

  • Chris Spivey Releases statement regarding TPV and unaired interview with Elissa Hawke

  • TPV stoop to using disabled children to advertise their fundraiser

  • TPV switch to YouTube streaming, first incarnation is a paid subscriber channel, on the plus side, TPV can no longer manipulate the viewing figures:

  • TPV’s switch to youtube renders some people (and donators) in different countries unable to watch

  • Average viewers peak at 72

  • TPV begin to charge £4.49 per month:

  • Last minute promotional videos featuring David Icke released (filmed in TPV prior to his IOW return)

  • TPV send a new email detailing new beginnings and a new show called The People’s Video, that essentially has TPV’s viewers making TPV’s content for them

  • Fundraiser closed raising about £36,000
  • TPV downgrade to podcasts:


May 2014

  • QS says email received from Liz Roberts who states that TPV accounts are back from the accountants and will be published shortly

  • TPV continue posting almost solely MSM articles

  • 24th May, TPV accounts published

  • Unsubstantiated accusations of missing Bitcoin money surface


  • Unsubstantiated info comes out that Jaymie Icke tried to get a petition going to get Sean Adl-Tabatabai out of TPV

  • Richie Allen becomes head of news and editorial

  • Unsubstantiated: Icke told Jaymie to get something on Adl-Tabatabai

  • Bookkeeper fired


June 2014



  •  Unsubstantiated: Missing money and liquidation was commenced and cancelled

  • Unsubstantiated: Icke loaned £20,000 in Feb to pay wages.

  • Unsubstantiated: £12,000 per month still being donated

  • Numerous unsubstantiated claims

2nd June Icke and Ald have meeting on IOW

Wedding paid for by Camden Council, Adl to LA in Nov 2014.

Sonia Poulton was due to be sacked the day she walked

icke is always consulted – having Allen in his ear has helped Allen climb to the high rank of being made head of news, control the finance and editorial control

Poulton show reported to OFCOM – cannabis related – upheld

£90,000 in debt – January 2014

  • Richie Allen show returns, Not at new studio as promised

  • Unsubstantiated: TPV down to skeleton staff

  • Unsubstantiated: Westgate never an option:

  • Unsubstantiated: TPV likely over per Adl’s Facebook:

  • Reports of blockings and unpaid wages:

  • TPV appears on Alex Jones Show from Richie’s toilet:

  • TPV reduced to a 24/7 loop of The Richie Allen show with special guest Sinclair G Treadway (Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s husband)

  • Unsubstantiated: dotconnector sacked from TPV

  • Adl-Tabatabai is shown as sole director on companies house

  • David Icke releases statement that he is no longer involved in TPV, having been told to stop interfering

  • goes down

  • Unsubstantiated: Bookkeeper blew the whistle when she found out Adl paid himself:

  • Unsubstantiated: Icke & Adl fell out when Treadway appeared

  • Sanctum Zone become aware of Sonia Poulton documentary as Ian Kelly is set to feature

  • Neonnettle publishes adl interview that states Adl’s version of events is different to Ickes:

  • Poulton announces documentary

  • TPV annual return is filed (Not yet public knowledge)
  • Gareth Icke states that he lost money at TPV:

  • Adl-Tabatabai’s lack of respect for people who try to help is highlighted:

  • 23.6.14 TPV enter in to CVA (Not yet public knowledge)
  • TPV Inc is created (Not yet public knowledge)


July 2014


  • Open Letter sent to David Icke:

  • 3rd July The people’s voice website has been updated (Noticeably Broken in many ways)

 1) All references to The Richie Allen Show , Windows on World etc removed on front page.

2) Any News Items after 19th May have dissapeared.

3) Volcania Sponsor Icons broken ( To be removed totally ? ) . Most sponsor related

elements broken currently.

4) ‘Donate’ link on front page goes to default page not found etc.

5) TPV ‘live stream’ linked to on site still just last 4 hours before live stream stopped around 1st July

(More later in post why that may have happened)

6) References to TPV been based at Wembley removed.

7) Pages on site now have ‘ (c) The People Voice Inc’

  • TPV Inc has been created in the US

  • Sanctum Zone becomes aware that TPV have entered in to a Compulsary Volutary Arrangement, but cannot determine the date this was done

  • David Icke responds to Open Letter. Highlights include

Adl was paid a full time wage from Icke whilst at TPV

Adl was running TPV off Ickes servers (yet charges web hosting?)

Icke resigned to get OFCOM license

TPV couldn’t be set up as a trust or foundation and be ‘political’ by nature as the law didn’t allow it.

The rates bill was around £32,000

Advertisers weren’t interested because of the content and fact that TPV was constantly being attacked.

Icke has been disgusted by Adl’s behavior over the last few months

Treadway is not alternative media material

Adl was a custodian by agreement who suddenly announced he was the owner

Icke didn’t agree with the second fundraiser

Adl is not involved with Wembley 2014

  • Open letter sent to Sean Adl-Tabatabai

  • Donators to the last campaign realize they’ve been ripped off

  • Sanctum Zone becomes aware that TPV’s annual return is filed, although nobody purchases it yet

  • Unsubstantiated: dotconnector claims TPV £90,000 in debt as of April:

  • Unsubstantiated: TPV interview with Robert Green sparked OFCOM complaint

  • More concerns raised via Facebook:

  • dotconnector reports OFCOM issue was about cannabis: (later substantitated)

  • Further questions on social media from the general public:

  • Unconfirmed: Canalf54 have moved in to TPV offices

  • Calland confirms various like they haven’t been informed of TPV situation but are aware

  • Issues over transparency continue to be raised

  • Calland confirms neither him nor Jaymie Icke were paid at TPV

  • Calland confirms between Nov/Dec viewing figures (legit ones) were at 70,000 per day.

  • Calland claims to of addressed TPV communication issues with Adl and Icke

  • TPV store closes

  • Richie Allen removes any mention of him working at TPV

  • Imminent liquidation comes to light:

  • FB users become aware that TPV is dead:

  • New Sanctum Zone member suggests they worked at TPV, and are owed money

  • Brought to light that Adl has liquidated 3 of his companies in the past:

  • TPV’s facebook carrying on as if nothing happened:

  • TPV continue censorship

  • TPV cancel paypal donations:

  • Luke Rudowski interviews TPV and Icke is interviewed by Jones, no mention of current situation

  • Bitcoin trail surfaces.  What is interesting is that the balance of TPV’s wallet was transferred to another private wallet before being moved on (likely withdrawn).  It is highly likely this money was transfered to Adl-Tabatabai directly and never to TPV. There was no reason for money to have been rested in any other wallet rather than transferred straight to TPV’s bank account, and the local node that transfered the request was in California.  Where Mr Treadway lives and where TPV Inc is registered.

  • David Icke releases video regarding the TPV situation.

David Icke was not involved with his website for a while

Sean Adl-Tabatabai neglected whilst being paid at TPV

Earthingbb (Mark Welch) contacted OFCOM

Sonia Poulton didn’t want to do the telethon because Thatchell was on it

Sharon Gifford had to be restrained as she was going to destroy Icke’s property

Sean Adl is a different person since getting married

He suspects the email sacking Icke was sent by Treadway


  • TPV Facebook activity slows down

  • Sonia Poulton releases reply to Icke video

  • Poulton’s DVD is delayed due to new info coming to light

  • Proof surfaces of 1st campaign perk not honored

  • More perks unfulfilled

  • Poulton releases video in response to Icke video

PolPotNoodle (John H) posts concerns and ineptness at TPV

Advised TPV not to go 24hr to begin with

Simon Ludgate was head of production

Serious organisational problems like no phones or computers

Ludgate sacked after personal abuse from Icke

Liz Roberts of no experience got Head of Production job

Management team is inept and naive

Most of adl’s time was not spent working

Money was wasted

Confirms dotconnectors cannabis claims that show cannabis before 5pm and OFCOM were not happy.

People who claim to have not been paid, were paid healthily.

  • Calland agrees with much of what PPN said

  • More sensibility from PPN

  • Suspicions of financial mismanagement and deceit from Adl:

  • PPN Claims he made Liz Roberts aware of server issues:

  • More info from PPN highlights:

TPV basically shut up shop in March without warning

Around Christmas he told David and Sean of his serious concerns about Amato’s ability as she’s killing TPV

He was let go around Christmas without explanation

More inept staff were taken on

He did all the groundwork for a main advertiser and turned the info over to Jamie and Calland to secure

  • SZ members purchase annual return and it becomes apparent that Deanna Amato was a shareholder

  • Day of liquidation meeting, Sonia Poulton is in attendance along with others

  • Open letter sent to Deanna Amato

  • Calland asserts in response to PPN amongst other things:

Adl fucked up all the advertising

Adl fiddled the viewing figures

Advertiser were put off by Poulton leaving in the manner she did

When realising Adl-Tabatabai was fiddling the figures Calland asked for access to the real ones and was ignored

They wanted to address problems with the lack of scheduling but Adl stood in the way

Mistreatment of volunteers

Bitcoin money never made it to TPV’s account, it went to Sean’s personal wallet address in California shortly before Sean landed there

Concerns about infiltrators and Sean is destroying TPV

  • PPN asserts that adl was working top an agenda, Gifford was just pure evil and trying to sabotage TPV, and Icke knew about ALL of the goings on at TPV

  • PPN details set up costs of just over £100,000 and calls bullshit on accounts


6 thoughts on “TPV Timeline

  1. Thank you to Silva Rizla for taking the time and trouble to put all of this together. It makes for highly revealing reading. TPV’s perpetrators cannot be allowed to get away with this monumental fraud. It’s not over yet.

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