Elissa Hawke re: TPV

It was so well put, I just had to share it…


I was very very close to this project from the start and it has taken me over half a year reflection to be able to make sense of what occurred. This blog helped. So Thank you, whoever you are.

I was so hurt and disappointed by friends at TPV in a very sudden way after quite a few months of good times and high hopes shared in the planning stages.


I really feel now I was so naive and stupid really, confused and even scared to think of the darkness of those involved who must have been placed there to arse the whole thing up, deliberately. Not only that, steal all David’s goodwill, steal thousands, possibly millions in ongoing direct debit donations how much, we don’t know…of peoples donations, steal by selling off equipment less than a year after launch!! It was always meant to be set up rip everyone off blind and fuck off with all the spoils QUICKLY. It was effective, in a sense, knocked many of us for six, but we pick up and move on, clean of heart, and they whoop it up in their smudge and stenk.
I still cannot be sure whether David was complicit in the whole plan or not, but he argued to be in this position and volunteered all his trust in Sean so, he cannot abdicate responsibility. Is it almost not unbelievable Sean had the gall to feck him off from TPV?????


I just don’t know what’s a set up and what’s real. Nor could I care much anymore.


I think enough facts show ‘who benefits’ from this shambles, was also at the helm. Minions below who held on will get their own, but this one shrewd young man who really wouldn’t have the guts to change himself to change the world, he will benefit , for a while, off all that money and resources David drained from the people and directed straight down Sean’s gullet.


We reap what we sow, It might have been a sweet idea but not led by a stasi type. It taught me we don’t need a centralised anything, including “peoples TV”. A free and wild market is best. No OFCOM jism and less contrived all round. The truth will out! TPV and all media is irrelevant, it’s just a route of transport for the message. The message travels and grows in us all . It’s not even important when and which messengers may let you down, keep finding the truth inside yourself that grows from all the wild sources. Whoever was willingly involved in ballsing up TPV deserves to be tied down and trampled by antelopes but, also, what a lot we’ve all learned. Do not look outside to change the world, we can only change our selves


NLP in the mainstream media

Just what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Well, it depends on who you ask.  Wikipedia defines NLP as:

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communicationpersonal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, USA in the 1970s. Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life

Another way of phrasing that would be that NLP is a tool similar to hypnosis that has the ability to manipulate our current beliefs and thought processes to align them with specific viewpoints or aims.

The method uses subtle body language and speech patterns that talk to our subconscious minds. This ranges from simple eye-contact, to specific gestures (known as anchors), and distraction techniques all used to guide our thought process in a particular direction.

Some NLP Techniques

Anchoring – Anchoring is a form of programming based on repetition. Repeating an action, word or phrase to induce a thought or feeling.  For instance, if you tug on your ear every time you are happy, eventually tugging on your ear will induce a feeling of happiness.

Pattern Interruption – Pattern Interruption involves creating a certain pattern of expected behaviour, and abruptly interrupting this created pattern which gives a jolt to the subconscious and leaves us in a state of limbo.  Confused, the subconscious mind carries out any further instruction as part of the expected pattern.  Ever seen a conman take someone’s watch or wallet?  This is usually how its done.

Swish – Swish is a form of emotion replacement, it is used to change your feelings. Turning a negative association in to a positive or vice versa.

Loop Break – Loop break is a distraction technique used to break your bodies natural emotion escalation.  If an argument is getting heated lets say, it can be used to diffuse the situation through distraction.

Presupposition – Presupposition is the subtle use of language to influence someone’s opinion.  For example, if I said to someone “Have you stopped beating your wife?”, it would give the impression to anybody listening that the person did/still does assault their spouse.

These techniques can be used in conjunction with one another, so carrying on from my last example…  The natural response would be “What are you talking about! I have never beaten my wife”.  If I happened to use a pre-implanted anchor or some pastern interruption to disrupt this sentence, the reply would never get said and the audience would believe the man to have not defended himself and hence does beat his wife.

Do the mainstream media actually use it?

Unfortunately, yes.  What’s worse, because its an art that deals with our subconscious, most people never realise that they’re being manipulated.

The following video has been made by Jonathan Adampants, who does an excellent job of pointing out Fox News using NLP in relation to 9/11.

Before we go on, at about the 15 minute mark, Adam proposes that the “issue at hand here” is really about the numbers 666.  I really don’t believe this to be the case.  What the anchor is doing, is telling the viewers at home that everything is OK, everything is fine re: 9/11, don’t look up from the newspaper its all ok.

In general though, it makes it pretty difficult to refute the argument that watching TV is akin to hypnotising yourself doesn’t it?  The implications here are huge.  Not only do we only get our world view from TV stations owned by 5 or 6 people, but those 5 or 6 people employ presenters who will directly influence our subconscious minds in line with whatever views those 5 or 6 people have, who usually happen to have the same views anyway.

Distrust in the media is right to be high, but the hypno-wheel goes round and round nonetheless.

Nothing to see here. Move along.