Shining a light on David Icke

My, how public opinion has changed. Let’s take a look shall we…

In order to understand this shift in the public perception of David Icke, we must first examine the beliefs that Icke held in 1991, and the beliefs he holds today.

Icke’s early views can be obtained by reading the following publications by Icke:


The basic jist of it is that Icke channelled a spirit named Rakorski, whom we know to be the son of God.  Rakorski told Icke about the Solar Logos, the spirit of our sun, and that the Solar Logos transmitted 7 rays throughout the solar system, with each ray corresponding to a different colour and “power” of sorts, and it is these rays that are going to bring about our spiritual evolution.

Sounds a bit whacky and new ageist to me.

Interestingly, Icke’s early beliefs mirror that of the Theosophist Alice Bailey, who’s description of the 7 rays is below.  You might be interested to know, she also outlined the plan for the New World Order and Lucis Trust, philosophy of the UN.

First “Will or Power”[42][43] “The basic Reservoir of Power”[42] Red ManuMorya[43]
Second “Love-wisdom”[43][44] “Magnetism”[44] Blue Christ,[43] Koot Humi, and Djwhal Khul[45]
Third “Adaptability”[46] or “Active Intelligence”[43] “Instinct”[46] Yellow Mahachohan[43]
Fourth Beauty or Harmony[44][47] or “Harmony through Conflict”[48] “Uniformity of Colour”[44] or “Experience. Growth.”[48] Green Serapis[49]
Fifth Concrete Knowledge or Science[47][48][50] “Intellect”[48] Orange Master HilarionPaul of Tarsus(158)[49]
Sixth “Devotion”[44][46][47] or “Abstract Idealism”[50] “Intellect”[48] Violet Master Jesus[50]
Seventh “Organisation and Ritual”[47] or “Ceremonial organization”[42] or “Ceremonial Magic or Order”[50] “Radioactivity”[42] Indigo Master Rakoczi[50]

His general view on consciousness and suchlike, is also directly inline with Theosophy.  Icke took Bailey’s views, and passed them off as his own. [Note above the master of the 7th Ray]

So what about today?

Icke still holds true his beliefs in Theosophy and the raising of vibrations.  One of his later theories regarding the moon also mirrors that of Alice Bailey.  He claims that he was sat at his desk writing and “the energy in the room changed”.  He felt then, or was being told, that the moon isn’t real. It was in fact an alien spacecraft that was placed there by evil reptilian beings.  What’s interesting here is that Icke has always held the same basic view, just rehashed or reworded.  This is taken from Truth Vibrations:

Satan incarnated on the moon and helped to create fantastic negativity. The imbalance was such that the Moon Spirit left, and Lucifer, now rejoined on the light levels by Satan, used all the power of the negative energies and those created at the moment the spirit left to direct the dying, spiritless planet towards another planet. The light levels had known that Lucifer was planning on using the moon to create havoc, because his thought forms were passed directly to the Archangel Michael through the Devic information system and vice versa. Lucifer was thus aware of this, and found a way to prevent the Godhead and Michael knowing exactly what he intended to do with the moon. He formed a very large number of plans in his mind, but did not decide which one he would go for until the last possible moment, when he sent out one surge of negative energy that directed the dying moon towards earth, The Archangel Michael said: There were a great number of possibilities and we were in a waiting situation.

Again, a rehash of Alice Bailey’s beliefs which can be found here

We’ve established then, that Icke holds the same beliefs he always has.  Hell, you can even tell he still believes in the power of colour by what he wears, be it love-wisdom or adaptability and intelligence. So why then, the lack of ridicule?

David Icke v2.0


One belief that Icke certainly still holds true is that he wants money, and this has meant he’s had to become much more subtle in the preaching of his beliefs in order to sell his books and by extension, brand “Icke”.

Notice in the 2006 interview, that Icke never actually mentioned his own views (which aren’t really his views, they are those of Alice Bailey).  What he did do, as he has done this past decade, is ally himself with real truth. Hanging off the coattails of true research, which he has seamlessly integrated with “his own work” as part of a bigger picture.  A sensible move for brand Icke. Talk of the NWO, Orwellian states, and fascism. I think the only addition he has personally made is the notion of “Problem-Reaction-Solution”, which brings me neatly to my next point.

Icke has a habit of taking the mundane, common sense workings of the world at large, and turning them in to something which sounds profound and knowledgeable, and maybe to a man who failed his 11+, they are.  But not to me.

There is nothing profound about Problem-Reaction-Solution, its the way the world works, it always has (long before Icke came on the scene) and it always will.  Every single one of us do it every day.

Problem: I need to get in the house but I have no keys.

Reaction: Shit! Where are my keys?!?

Solution: Ask another member of the household to let me in so I can find my keys.

Now obviously that’s a basic example, and the more manipulative amongst us, have and do use “Problem-Reaction-Solution” for their own manipulative ends.  There’s no great conspiracy or profound knowledge on show here. Its a life lesson. Manipulative people, manufacture situations to get what they want.  Lets look at another one of Icke’s insights….

The Body Computer

The backward-ass logic behind this one really does make my teeth itch. David  Icke’s “body computer”. *sighs*

He equates the human body, to that of a computer, as seen in this video:

Talking of the British hypnotist, tv personality, and self-help guru Paul McKenna, he states that hypnotism is basically reprogramming the body’s hard drive.

Another one of his “body-computer” comparisons is “What do we say when our computers don’t work? We say they have a virus! Thats exactly the same for our own body” Or words to that effect.

What Icke fails to realise, is that of course our bodies mimic computers in certain aspects and terminology.  We coined the term computer virus after our understanding of a medical/biological virus.  Namely, a self replicating parasitic file with its own agenda not welcome in terms of the whole machine. It should be no great revelation that the concept of a computer is based around our theoretical understanding of the nature of our bodies.  Computers need a facility to store and recall information much like our brain does.  No surprise then, that they have that capability, much like our body does, and both can be described in a similar way.

Icke manages to pass off this “wisdom” as it is often presented alongside inspirational quotes of true insight, much like he presents his crackpot theories alongside more plausible, near-provable theories. If you’ve not seen my report on NLP in he mainstream media, it may be of interest to you, because Icke uses the same techniques.


Another favourite quote of Icke’s to try and give him some credibility is that cutting edge quantum physics is backing up his idea of a holographic universe, and at first glance this appears to be true.  But lets delve a little deeper.

It is well known to anyone who follows David Icke, that he believes that we are living in some sort of virtual reality hologram, and our bodies are receiving some sort of signal that is being broadcast from the planet Saturn and sort of “retweeted” by our moon. Our bodies decode this “vibrational information field” and manifest the world around us.  Sort of like a cross between the movies The Matrix, and They Live (which I highly recommend you see).

One of his claims of ‘proof’ that this is the case is a story detailed in Michael Talbot’s book “The Holographic Universe”, in which a hypnotist reprograms a volunteers hard drive (see what I did there) to believe his daughter is invisible.  He then goes on to hold a watch behind the body of the man’s daughter, and asks the man to see straight through his daughter and read the inscription on the watch. Which the man does.  Icke claims that the man is simply not decoding his daughter’s vibrational information field and hence can see right through her.  That’s all well and good Mr Icke, except it didn’t happen.  Mr Talbot is the only person to have reported such an event and all other reports are just a rehashing that can be traced back to his book.  Do you really believe that any hypnotist worth his salt would not have this as part of their act?  Of course they would.  Are you telling me there has only ever been one hypnotist ever to do it but he’s only done it once and was never heard from again?

But I digress…

Anyways, in steps this man, Charles Thorn:

 Thorn was one of the leading minds in tying together string theory leading to the Holographic Principal.  When studying the event horizon of a black hole, Thorn realised that the vector of space (size/contents) could be seen as being encoded in it, in much the same way that any part of a hologram contains all the information of the whole. When modern science refers to the holographic nature of the universe, this is what its referring to, the storage of information.

David Icke’s comparison is far, far different.  Modern science does not support the theory that our reality is actually a decoding of vibrational information sent from Saturn and retweeted by an alien spacecraft masquerading as our moon in any way, shape, nor form.  They are two completely separate comparisons tied together with a common word, hologram, which is interestingly another technique used in NLP.

In short the David Icke of today is just as he was in 1991.  He has the same core beliefs but is using (and tainting) the hard work of others to make him look like he has some credibility.  Cherry picking bits of our reality and mashing them together to form his own, which he writes down and sells to you.

david icke truth demotivational2

If you have the time, I highly recommend you watch the following video from David Icke Debunked


4 thoughts on “Shining a light on David Icke

  1. anna says:

    Very good info, thanks for putting that together. I agree with you that he picks pieces of information and mixes it in a way that ends up not being what it was meant to mean to begin with.

  2. Lisa says:

    I am a lurker on forums and found your website. It answers a lot of questions I had about Icke and his DIF. I was always scared by its posters there! I was looking for answers and invested time I can’t get back from Icke. Upon further research it seems he takes info from others and gives no credit! Thankfully, I did NOT donate to TPV!

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