David Icke & ‘The People’s Voice’

Until recently, I’d been a follower and supporter of David Icke for a few years now. That is until issues regarding a lack of transparency were raised by Sonia Poulton in relation to not-really-David’s new TV station The People’s Voice, which, on paper, is run by David’s webmaster, namely Sean Adl-Tabatabai.  As an initial supporter of the project, I was quick to allay fears of a lack of transparency from the donation funded project, but as stories of allegations of racism started to emerge along with a complete lack of professionalism and zero communication from the station to its supporters and funders I began to have doubts.

It then became apparent that the ‘not-content-with-£100k-so-we’ve-asked-for-£300k’ station were asking for another £400,000 after being on air for less than a month. Alarm bells began to ring.  Initial projections were that £100,000.00 was enough to set up a 24 hour internet TV and radio station, and the extra money raised would provide enhancements to the project and get it over the initial broadcasting period before advertising revenue kicked in.  A 7-fold increase in what is actually needed is a mighty big error, don’t you think?  That doesn’t account for any monthly or one off donations raised via an interim fundraiser either.

There have been numerous other blunders as well, not being informed enough to know you need an Ofcom license for the station to air being one of them.  Sort of throws a spanner in the works.  Not knowing how much broadcasting equipment actually costs would be another.  Now, I think its fair to say that before you take over a quarter of a million pounds of donated money to launch a TV station, you at least know how much it costs to run such a station and have a fairly solid business plan in place.

The more I heard (or didn’t as the case may be) from TPV, the less I liked it and the more I became aware that those in charge had absolutely no idea what they were doing.  Enter Sonia Poulton, with the following Facebook update:

Today I have left The People’s Voice. I didn’t want to. I have put my heart and soul into it but I have become aware that to stay there is very bad for the things I stand for and fight for. I will be issuing a statement soon. Thank you for all the wonderful support. New plans already underway.

Suceeded by the following statement from TPV, later confirmed to be from the man himself (who is apparently just a volunteer and has no say in TPV’s direction) David Icke.

Sonia Poulton has decided to leave The People’s Voice today after threatening to walk out in the middle of a live show if she didn’t get her way. This was the third time that she had threatened to walk out if her view did not prevail and she chose to leave after a discussion about her behaviour during the live show and other matters.

We thank Sonia for her efforts over the last few weeks since The People’s Voice has been on air.

If TPV is going to succeed everyone must work together for the common good and treat each other with equal respect.

Not particularly professional if you ask me.  It seems I’m not the only one either, as TPV presenter Barrie Sharpe aired his concerns over the statement, which has led to his show being cancelled.  So much for free speech eh David? (Who’s just a volunteer and has no say over TPV’s direction)

This debacle saw my donation to TPV cancelled, and a colossal ban hammer smiting of supporters on DIF who were now asking questions.  ‘The People’s Voice Indeed.  One quote in particular seemed to cause quite a stir:

Rightfully so too.  Definitely not the sort of voice I want speaking for me.

Sonia Poulton responded to David Icke by issuing her own statement, here.  What was Icke’s response to these allegations?  A completely transparent breakdown of all income and expenditure, or so Icke & Co would have you believe.  What we actually got was this:

Department Bank Float
I.T./Editing equipment £5,012.41 £781.47
Website (Servers, bandwidth, set-up) £15,150.00
Repairs/Maintenance £226.61
Travel – Volunteer £2,069.25 £1,384.79
Travel – Other (Guests and Staff) £2,255.03 £142.11
Accommodation Hotels & Hostels £2,440.14
Food & Catering £589.09 £211.54
Studio Maintenance £1,055.93
Office Rent £1,200.00
Music Licences £1,456.80
Merchandise £700.00
General Office Overheads £2,590.34 £228.91
Utilities (Water, gas, electric) £1,407.97
Direct Wages £75,530.54
Video Streaming £18,109.63
Accounting/Book-keeping £1,957.50
Set-Up Costs (Studio equipment) £142,302.64 £365.98
Total £274,053.88 £3,114.80

Everything is so much clearer now.  A TV station run by volunteers with only one paid presenter who has monthly wages of over £75,000.00.  Where’s the rest of your income? David stated he put his own money in to this, I know I did and that’s not listed either.  What about your sponsors and advertisers?  You know, these ones, who paid £1000 each after the first campaign?


They seem like a perfectly transparent, donation funded,  somehow not for profit, yet in actual fact private ltd company to me.

Then there’s the whole Fear & Clothing issue.

Now, as near as I can gather, an arrangement was made between Fear & Clothing and The People’s Voice for Fear & Clothing to provide promotional wear on behalf of TPV.  New designs were made by this company and shown to TPV, who then informed their donators that the merchandise would be produced by Fear & Clothing.

Then, TPV dropped Fear & Clothing and decided to print their own goods. This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem had TPV informed buyers that the merchandise will no longer be made by Fear & Clothing.  But that didn’t happen.  Still, not such a big deal.  Well, until this came to light that is:

Fear & Clothing shirt

TPV shirt

Fear & Clothing


Fear & Clothing


I don’t know about you, but that seems an awful lot like copyright infringement to me. Fear & Clothing claims to of raised around £20,000.00 on behalf of TPV by promoting his wares.  What a way to repay him eh?

Voice of the people indeed.  Not the sort of people I want speaking for me, that’s for sure.

That said, what of the programming?

Not the best to be honest.  Though, you can discount Ken O’Keefe from that statement as he is excellent, and unpaid I might add.  Constant downtime from either power cuts or broadcast issues always put down to the station being under attack from some evil force or other.  Cringe-worthy “psychics”, and David Ick flicking through the morning papers. Then you have Richie Allen, with whom Edwina Currie completely wiped the floor here.  Richie Allen also makes statements like this re the Jimmy Saville investigation:

The idea that former (and current) BBC, ITV and MTV staff would be party to any impropriety is frankly ludicrous.

Call me a cynic, but I would have thought the probability of somebody figuring out what was going on to be highly likely.

Apologies, as I can’t find the exact quote, but he also said that he agrees with education ministers that parents should not be allowed to take their children out of school during term time.  Now that doesn’t sound like the voice of any people I’ve been speaking to on the matter.

Careful folks.  Here be dragons

5 thoughts on “David Icke & ‘The People’s Voice’

  1. Paul says:

    Sadly, this assessment is spot on. Apart from Alchemy Radio… who are independent of TPV anyway, Max Igan… who is independent of TPV… Mike Adams… who is Independent of TPV anyway… and Ken O’Keefe and Mr Windows on the World, who I pray can be independent of TPV…. which amounts to under 6 hours per week of programming on TPV… WHICH TPV APPEARS TO GET FOR FREE AS THEY DO IT THEMSELVES… Ken has his own funding appeal… TPV has nothing of use or interest… totally sickening really.

  2. Sadly, TPV has been totally usurped by the likes of KNOWN long outed racist fascist NWO agent Mark Windows. Since 2012, this disgusting vile excuse for a human being has been fully engaged in the most disturbing smear campaign of non stop lies and verbal abuse in desperate attempts to malign the good name of the brave UK former police intelligence analyst turned Whistleblower Tony Farrell, and genuine targeted individual Ms Seven.

    Tony Farrell became a Whistleblower after he refused to doctor and falsify police reports to make it appear that the UK was under a Muslim terror threat. His investigations revealed that the London attacks on 7th July 2005 in reality was a inside job and has since made it his mission to shout the truth from every roof top he can fearlessly. Despite having a exemplary record as a police analyst for 17 years, Farrell was sacked for refusing to go against his conscience and lie in his report. As a devout Christian man with a strong belief in Godly values he said he just couldn’t do it.

    For evidence to see exactly who Mark Windows really is please view, download and share
    THE REBUTAL REPORT at: http://www.thefarrellreport.net Also view download and share Tony Farrell’s first MAIN REPORT AND APPENDICES which provides a detailed analysis of a monstrous case and cover up with linkages to the London bombings 7th July 2005. Most people knew the official narrative was bogus, but Farrell’s Report blows the whole rotten thing wide into the open,

    During early 2013, Tony Farrell released the comprehensive report detailing a horrific gang Stalking ordeal and court case of a Creative innovator named Ms Seven. The case revolves around her and the highly sinister and psychopathic criminal activities of a satanic organised crime cartel operating within mainstream media, large media Law firms, the Met and Judiciary. Despite taking the case through the courts with 14 witnesses in 2004 and winning landmark victory’s before several different Judges 2006, in efforts to conceal the cases linkages to the 7/7 attacks in 2005, this important massive high public interest case was covered up using blatant fraud and falsifying court documents to keep the case out of the spotlight.

    After hearing Ms Seven speak and expose the names of those responsible for orchestrating the London attacks at a IPCC demo May 2012, Whistleblower Farrell requested to see her evidence and was blown away by what he discovered. from then on off his own back, he set about documenting the evidence in the comprehensive detailed 240 page report. in addition to this, he also provides a detailed appendices containing witness statements, chronology of 65 hidden police crime file reports about the case, and the actual courtroom audios from the hearing in 2006 where you can clearly hear a Judge name Pumfrey (since deceased) rule in favour of Ms Seven.

    Mark Windows was recruited by the criminal media based cartel, to instigate a vicious smear campaign to thwart, silence and discredit Farrell and Ms Seven’s efforts to bring the truth to the public. Evidence within the Rebuttal Report shows that Windows has displayed the most foul despicable deeply racist conduct imaginable, towards a female he knows has been brutally tortured for the last 10 years without a ounce of conscious or remorse for his thoroughly deplorable actions. Besides that, Windows set about rallying others to join in his vicious cyber stalking and non stop abusive attacks also directed at Farrell and other supporters. This man who has made a career profiteering from wealthy criminal cartel responsible for orchestrating 7/7, since has coincidentally been given a rather cushy prominent position at David Ickes channel to comfortably carry out his abuse.

    The Rebuttal Report contains a public Warning Notice, to alert other truth speakers after it emerged that Windows is notorious and has been wreaking havoc spreading disinformation, outright lies to attack and discredit other genuine truth speakers with other NWO agents named, Donny Jackson, Eddy Boyce, Deborah Williams, Ian Fantom, David Shayler and other gang stalkers operating within Kent Freedom Movement and 9-11 Keep Talking Group. We advice everyone to examine the evidence first judge the truth for yourselves, then steer clear of these people as they are not who they make themselves out to be.

    David Icke and others at TPV had already been notified about Mark Window’s being a NWO agent last year before the launch of the TPV TV channel, but Windows was still given platform from which to carry out his abuse of truth speakers.. The question for everyone to ask now is why?.

  3. dino says:

    Well. I wanted to volunteer from the start. I work in film industry including working with the director of the godfather and many others. I was constantly telling them tricks to use cheaper equipment that will look way better than the highly produced channels. I had top Hollywood cinematographers willing to set the initial lighting for free. A gh2 camera for £800 would have looked 100 times better than the ridiculous bad second hand studio cameras they bought. Anyway it ended up looking like a student exercise for pro money. I never got any reply about having legends in film world helping for free.
    It was obviously very rushed. Something that should take over a tear to start up. I don’t know if icke is to blame or the webmaster but it was a great idea but horribly executed.
    I hope it doesn’t hurt icke as he has obviously a great man but this was so badly run I guess putting webmaster in charge was the biggest mistake.

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